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Danielle Yakle - Sculptor and Fiber Artist

MFA, 2010, University of Kansas, Textile Design

BFA, 2005, Truman State University, Studio Art - Sculpture and Fibers

Danielle currently teaches at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri.  She heads the Sculpture and Fibers areas, as well as instructing Intro to Art students in the creation of public art projects.


As an artist she works primarily in soft sculpture and multimedia installation.  Her work includes elements of viewer participation and is intended to incite feelings of discovery but also frustration.  Many of her pieces are crafted from handmade, wool felt and the highly tactile and hide-like quality of this material is a driving factor in her creative practice.   Much of her research focuses on the dyeing properties and structural possibilities of wool and other fibers.  Recently she has begun to explore life casting and the tactile qualities of polyurethane foams and resins.


She lives in a small apartment with a fuzzy cat.


dnyakle at gmail dot com

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